If you're taking the time to read this, I owe you the truth. And the truth is:

I'm not really sure.

That's the answer I keep coming up with when asked why I shoot. The closest thing to it is my relationship with drumming. At fifteen I was introduced to my first drum kit and my first band, which led to practicing almost every day for a number of years. I never completely analyzed where my drive came from or why I was so immersed in my instrument. I just knew I HAD to be.

Years later, my daughter played on the high school tennis team, so I bought a camera that would allow me to capture her game with split second timing. And then I needed a BETTER camera.

And some longer lenses.

And a tripod.

And something to carry it all in.

And then I went out west to shoot a cover for an album I was just finishing. Yep, I was hooked.

I still get an emotional high when I capture the killer shot or I've been working on a photograph and it all comes together. I can't get enough. I continue to explore the art of photography and photo manipulation. I gaze with fascination at the works of artists long gone and those masters here now. I keep pushing forward, with the hope (but not the expectation) that maybe during my journey I'll discover what compels me to press the shutter time after time.

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